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New users use code LYFTCREDIT60.

Remember it works only for new members. Get upto $50 ride credit when you use the below code.


This is the best lyft coupon and offers most discount.


How do I use my Lyft credit? These simple instructions will show you how to redeem Lyft coupons on your smartphone.
  1. Press the menu button (top left)
  2. Select the “Payment” menu option
  3. Enter  Lyft code: LYFTCREDIT60
  4. Enter your destination and request a ride
*Note: All codes expire 14 days from when you enter the code into the app.  Lyft with automatically use the credit for your first ride.  Credit amount may vary based on location so double check the credit amount listed in the payment section.
Bonus Discount: Use $15 Uber promo code: USe code UBERINURCITY

New users that enter our Lyft promo code will receive $50 in credit towards the first ride.
Lyft codes listed just below.
If you need help learning how to download & use the app, then take a look at our detailed beginner’s guide.


Here are some tips to help you get started in the ridesharing ecosystem.
The first-time passenger pro tips will help you save time and avoid frustration when using ridesharing services.
  • Enter the Lyft promo code before you request your first ride
  • Use the credit within 14 days of entering the code
  • The app will prioritize the credit in your account before using your payment method
  • Download and setup Sidecar and Uber apps as a backup plan
  • Choose a pickup location that the driver may easily find and access
    • Call your driver with specific pickup instructions after making a pickup request
      • Call Example: I’m waiting in the parking lot behind the store, and I’m wearing a blue shirt.
  • Set your desired destination in the app before the driver arrives
  • Golden Rule: Be nice to your driver and your driver will be good to you
    • Drivers rate passengers as well, so make sure to treat your driver nicely if you want to get picked up again

If you need additional help, we suggest visiting the official Lyft help support site.


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